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This platform is designed to extend services to our esteemed clients / registered users to attend and fulfil their requests as well as requests of their loved ones / family members which they are unable to attend personally. Our team of dedicated and competent service agents will immediately attend to any request with courtesy and respect. The services will be rendered with utmost care and high standards of professionalism ensuring a long term relationship with our clients / registered users. This user friendly platform is hassle free, creating a bonding between the users and our service agents.

Our dedicated team of service agents are well trained to handle the requests based on the available services. We will represent our client on their behalf and through continuous communication, perform the job in exactly the way they wishes it to be done. With our latest / advance technology, service request in remote locations will also be undertaken eradicating the distance and communication barricade between the job and the client. Clients will be able to monitor / track their requests using our helpdesk system. Registered users can hire our service agents in flexible terms (i.e. on daily, monthly or task basis). Our service agents will work for the client with 100% commitment and confidentiality. Our clients / users feedback will be a very important value addition to monitor the performance of our service agents and also to bring about added improvements.

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Property Care

We will get you connected to the most reputed builders / construction

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Health Care

We will take special care of your aged parents or any other family member who needs any

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Provisions/Grocery Care

We will take up requests of your grocery / supply requirements depending on

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Event Management

We will act on your behalf and arrange all required events like birthdays

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We will provide services like bill payment / collections etc

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About Us

In today’s dynamic and volatile world most of us are facing a tough challenge to strike a balance between our work and family / social life, thus at times creating an unpleasant situation / distance. Through our various services listed below, we at NRI Helpdesk are endeavoring to bridge this gap by bringing your presence with your immediate family members who are your foremost link to attend to their requests.

With our extensive experience and customer satisfaction in this field, we not only provide consultation on various issues through prioritized advance technology solution, but we also help our clients / registered users with services like grocery purchases / bill payments / event management etc.


We are committed to provide maximum value through our services in most reliable, responsive, professional and systematic way ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.


Deliverance of your request with CRUSH (Courtesy Respect & Unfailing Service Hospitality).



" I have availed many great services over the years but the service offered by this company have taken it to the next level. Exceptional customizability. "

Jamal Ahmad, Six Sigma Services, Sharjah (UAE)

" I have requested for travel arrangements for my family in India, the services organised by this team was beyond imagination. Really appreciated. "

Jay Basant Kumar, Swift Pace Solutions Inc., Texas (USA)


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